How to Keep the Faith During Dating Droughts

To everything there is a season...

No, this is not a reference to weeding and planting, but rather the ebbs and flows that come with dating. There are times when it seems as though there are too many prospects to handle, and then suddenly it's as if that pesky grinch comes along and robs you of all of your good fortune. Soon enough days turn into weeks until eventually you realize it's been months since you went on a date.

Lord knows it's hard to keep the faith when the well runs dry, but it happens to all of us and affects each person in different ways. Some become irritable or cranky, others become desperate and depressed. But if you want to maintain hope, it's up to you to keep it alive.

  1. Don't Play The Waiting Game: Putting life on hold until we "meet the one" is the very thing that keeps us stagnant. Remember that action is a precursor to change, and trust that your life will gain momentum when you do the things that excite and fulfill you. Rest assured that the more you do, the more people you will meet. And you just never know who you might bump into along the way.

  2. Find Ways to Please Yourself: There's no denying that dating can be like surfing on an emotional tidal wave. Taking the edge off means you must satisfy yourself on every level. Doing what you need to do for yourself, like buying yourself flowers every Friday or tuning into the tube, increases the chances you will be a happier, calmer and more attractive person in the long run.

  3. Avoid the Negative Self-Talk: Try not to let a dry spell become all about what's wrong with you. Easier said than done? Keep in mind that dating is often a matter of timing, and that personal slights often have more to do with someone else's negative issues than they do about you.

  4. Let Go of the Life Preservers: Don't selfishly hang on to someone, waiting for your luck to turn. Biding time until someone better comes along can be a drag and can even complicate affairs, like someone falling to pieces on you when it's time to end things that you have let go on for too long.

  5. Take Time to Reflect: Don't let yourself get lost just because the stars are not aligned. Careful introspection will help you evolve independently, learn more about what you need in a mate and give you more control over your own destiny.

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